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ShipEffects Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

override void OnInit ()
override void OnUpdate ()
void UpdateMaterials ()
void UpdateEngine ()
void PlaySpeedPadSfx ()
void ToPlayerSounds ()
void ToAiSounds ()
IEnumerator CockpitDamageFlash ()
void HideTrails ()
void UnhideTrails ()
void HideContrails ()
void EnterVacuum ()
void ExitVacuum ()
void UnhideContrails ()
void HideNavLights ()
void UnhideNavLights ()
void PlayAbsorbEffect ()
void PlayEngineFire ()
void UpdateSoundsSpatial ()
void UpdateVariableEffects ()
void UpdateRealtimeReflectionEnabled ()
void UpdateShadowEnabled ()
void UpdateContrailsEnabled ()
void UpdateEngineReflectionsEnabled ()
void UpdateNavigationLightsEnabled ()

Public Attributes

Color shipColor
Color CockpitColor
bool ForceOpaqueTrail = false
GameObject audioContainer
bool TrailsHidden
Color engineColor
Color flareColor
float engineFlareMultTarget
float engineFlareMultiplier
float StartBoostEffectTimer
float droidBaseHeight
float shieldAlpha
Material shieldMat
float shipDeadMult = 1.0f
ParticleSystem ShipSparks
bool ShipSparksEnabled = true
ParticleSystem sparks
Vector3 collisionPosition
Vector3 collisionRot =
ParticleSystem.EmissionModule[] ShipSparksModules = new ParticleSystem.EmissionModule[0]
ParticleSystem.EmissionModule sparksModule
ParticleSystem.EmissionModule sprayModule
ParticleSystem.EmissionModule rechargeModule
ParticleSystem RechargeSystem
ParticleSystem.Particle[] RechargeParticles = new ParticleSystem.Particle[0]
Tile currentTile
Tile previousTile
TrailRenderer LeftVolumeVapeHorizontal
TrailRenderer RightVolumeVapeHorizontal
TrailRenderer LeftVolumeVapeVertical
TrailRenderer RightVolumeVapeVertical
Color ShieldColor = Color.cyan
 The color of this ships shield.
Color TargetShieldColor = new Color32(0, 55, 255, 255)
Color InvinsibleShieldColor = new Color32(69, 69, 69, 255)
Color AutopilotShieldColor = new Color32(5, 0, 50, 255)
Color DamagedShieldColor =
Transform ReflectionPlaneTransform
Material ReflectionPlaneMaterial
bool OverSpeedOfSound
bool PlayedSonicBoom
List< ParticleSystem > EnergyAbsorbParticles = new List<ParticleSystem>()
ReflectionProbe RealtimeProbe
List< ParticleSystem > EngineFires = new List<ParticleSystem>()

Member Data Documentation

Color ShipEffects.ShieldColor = Color.cyan

The color of this ships shield.

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