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ShipSim Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void EnterPhysicsModZone (ShipPhysicsModZone zone, bool isNew)
void ExitPhysicsModZone (ShipPhysicsModZone zone)
void ProjectileImpact (float force, float time)
override void OnInit ()
override void OnUpdate ()
void StartSideshift (int dir)

Public Attributes

const float WallImpactDamage = 0.25f
float enginePower
float engineThrust
float engineAccel
float engineHyper
float turnAmount
float turnVelocity
float prevTurnInput
float b64TurnVelocity
float pitchAmount
float TurnTarget
float airbrakeAmount
float airbrakeVelocity
float prevAirbrakeInput
bool isShipBraking
bool AirbrakesGaining
bool AirbrakeInputGaining
Vector3 AirbrakeSlipVelocity
float brakeDrag
float brakeGain
float brakeFalloff
float tiltAmount
float tiltVelocity
float airbrakeTiltAmount
int hoverLayerMask
bool isShipGrounded
bool ForceVelocityHoverDamping
bool ForcingGrounding
float AirTime
float GroundedTime
Vector3 ModernPhysPitchNormal
Vector3 ModernPhysTiltNormal
float FloorHuggerSpring = 100.0f
float FloorHuggerDistance = 1.0f
float FloorHuggerPitch = 0.0f
const float AiGrip = 8.0f
float ResistanceGain = Cheats.ModernPhysics ? 0.03f : 0.07f
float ResistancePower = 1.2f
float ResistanceFalloff = 1.6f
float RotationReistanceAmount = 0.5f
float RotationReistanceGain = 0.0008f
float RotationReistanceFalloff = 0.001f
ShipRefs LastShipCollision
EShipCollisionDirection LastShipCollisionDirection
Vector3 LastShipCollisionOffset
bool touchingWall
Vector3 wallTouchOffset
bool isShipScraping
bool isColliding
bool InJumpZone
bool ScrapingShip
bool FloorScrapeCheck = true
bool outOfBounds
float NoRespawnCheckTimer
bool JustTeleported = > NoRespawnCheckTimer > 0.0f
float WobbleMul
float WobbleTime
float Wobble
float GlidePower = 0.1f
float GlideDampPower = -10.0f
float GlideGravityDampener = 1.2f
float GlideMax = 0.03f
float GlideMaxHeight = 4.0f
float GlideSpeedReduction = 0.02f
float sideShiftCooldown
float sideShiftTimer
Vector3 sideShiftDirection
int sideShiftSign
float rollInputCooldown
bool canRoll
bool hasRolled
float rollAmount
int lastRollInput
byte rollInputState
int rollDir
float BrBoostTimer
float turboPickupTimer
float turboPushForce
float modernPadPushForce
Vector3 modernPadPushDirection
float modernPadPushTimer
bool IsFakeFloor
float ProjectileSlideForce
Vector3 ProjectileSlideDirection
float ProjectileSlideTime
float DeathPushTimer
float DeathPushAmount
Vector3 DeathAnimation
bool HoverCastHit
float AirbrakeTarget
float PilotAssistForce
float PilotAssistForceTarget
float PilotAssistRotation
float PilotAssistRotationTarget
float MaglockAgForce = 500.0f
float MaglockAgDamp = -2.0f
float MaglockGravity = 35.0f
float MaglockTrackLockForce = 500.0f
float MaglockRotSpeed = 25.0f
float MaglockVelocityDamp = 0.8f
float MPhysAirbrakeUpdateSpeed = 8.0f
float MPhysAirbrakeDragDelay = 0.08f
float MPhysAirbrakeDragSpeedGain = 5.0f
float MPhysAirbrakeDragSpeedFalloff = 5.0f
float MPhysAirbrakeDragAmount = 0.12f
float MPhysSteeringGainMultMin = 3.0f
float MPhysSteeringGainMultMax = 20.0f
float MPhysSteeringFalloffMultMin = 8.0f
float MPhysSteeringFalloffMultMax = 100.0f
float MPhysSteeringFalloffTime = 2.3f
ShipPhysicsModZone CurrentPhysicsModZone
List< ShipPhysicsModZonePhysicsModZones = new List<ShipPhysicsModZone>()
const float PysModMultiplierDefault = 1.0f
bool PysModZeroG
bool PysModTrackSpring
float PysModGravityMultiplier = PysModMultiplierDefault
float PysModTrackingSpeed = PysModMultiplierDefault
float PysModGripMultiplier = PysModMultiplierDefault
float PysModTrackSpringForce
float PysModTrackSpringMinThreshold
float PysModTrackSpringMaxThreshold
float PysModTrackSpringDamping
float PysModTrackSpringTrackingMultiplier
float PysModTrackSpringSpeedMultiplier
float PysModZeroGPitchForce
float PysModZeroGPitchSpeed
float PysModPitchRotMultiplier = PysModMultiplierDefault
float PysModZeroGTrackingMultiplier
float ZeroGPitchAmount
bool NoForcedGrounding


Vector3 TrackNormal [get]
RaycastHit HoverHit [get]

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